A move in the right direction!

So I’ve moved over to blogspot for a lot of reasons, the main of which is simply that it’s a much better run place. A lot more options, control of layout, cleaner, etc.

I’ll be messing around with the template/layout here. I’m still toying with whether or not to make this stay predominately WoW or start posting my misadventures in other games (with things like SC2, GW2, and DIII and yes…even Sims 3 on their way… well, my attention will definitely be spread out).
Until then, though, WoW is my main game and with the new Xpac coming, there’ll be a lot of buzz to go over.

Either way, I haven’t updated my wow blog cause for the most part, I haven’t done much in game. I stopped raiding months ago, and focused on leveling my lock and getting her PvP gear. All of which may have been a waste (get to that later…), which makes me severely sad.

My live account expired this morning (sadness!), but I have the PTR as well as BETA, so I’m far from not having things to talk about. As soon as I’m done getting this place set up, there’ll be a lot of posts INC regarding the upcoming pre-xpac patch and beta.

Woot. Ciao