2.4 Rogue Gear / WoW of teh FUTURE

Woot, for once, not a screenshot post!

Well first off, I was browsing through mmo-champion to check out news on the 2.4 ptr. I’m taking a guess it’s coming out within the next two weeks, though if it comes out today I’d be super excited.

I was thinking about the rogue gear, and the stats that they come with. I’m actually starting to wrap my head around how this stuff works.
The +ap for some of this stuff is pretty insane.
Also lots of armor ignore, though since I’ve yet to actually own any tier sets, i’m not sure if this is new or not.

Anyway, i’m thinking of picking this up:
to replace my pvp offhand.
I’m also torn, however, on whether or not to go combat swords now that i got the ZA talonblade.
I like using backstab a lot, but the extra swing with swords.
I’m also looking at this ring:

tough choice.

Anyway, there was also a post with links to youtube videos of some 3D artist dude messing around with textures and meshes of wow models, and “updating” the graphics, so to speak. his stuff is here:

it’s pretty cool to imagine wow with these sorts of graphics. but at the same time, I know my computer would NEVER be able to handle it.
Pretty neat, though.